Atheism game in Bangladesh Shefat Ullah has been joined by today’s atheist team, who are known as Sefat Ullah. Today, on his profile, he tear the Qur’an into the live. Through which he has introduced himself as an atheist. Even before that he came to live and tortured our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm). But this a matter of sorrow that our countries people didnt take it seriously the make it as a sarcasm.

Safa Kabir, one of the leading models of Bangladesh, has been removed from Facebook’s by spammers of Bangladesh. Some days ago, a video was published on the subject of unbelief, so that ordinary Facebook users get angry. Finally, today’s Facebook spammers removed it from Facebook. According to many, it has been worthwhile but there are some fans of Saifa Kabir who Can not afford it.But it has been known that Safa kabir is the company’s model and advertizer so those companies will recover her account.He apologized to everyone on his VERIFIED facebook page, But there is also lot of criticism about it. There was nothing to be done yet.

Here’s some website we frequently use.


1. Font Squirrel.


2. We love free fonts.


3. Dafont.


4. Urban Fonts.


5. Weekly Fonts.


Those sites offer free fonts for commercial and personal use.although not all font’s in there are free, you can check each licensed before downloading.

1. You can only create the ID using a device like iPhone, iPad or a Mac. And each device can only create maximum 5 free ID without credit card. So if you fail to create one, chances are that device has been used to create free IDs 5 times.

2. Log out from any ID.

3. Open iTunes and look for any free apps

4. Download the app and it will ask you for ID

5. Choose create new ID and just follow the step. You should be able to create one without entering credit card information.

6. If it still asks for credit card, perhaps the device you use has created 5 free IDs before, therefore you need to try using another one. But a new device should be ok since it’s never been used before

The services-oriented tech giant has released the latest version of its iOS operating system. If you don’t already have it, or have yet to receive the notification that an iOS update is available, simply tap on your Settings app > General > Software Update to begin the download. It’ll take a while; it took me about an hour or so to download and install the update on a reasonably fast internet connection.



Rx 100 Moive is the perfect Mirror for now a days situations

In the era of 21st century, girls are using boys for their sexual desires and no director has shown this in telugu cinema until now but Rx 100 did it.

This film is based on a real story in which the boys losts his life by believing girls lust as true love

The girl (Indhu) creates a drama of love for having sex and timepass with the hero,but the Hero loves her truly and he will be ready to die and Ultimately he dies for her

There is a saying in telugu :

కొందరి సరదలకు ఇంకొందరి జీవితాలు నాశనం అవుతాయి( someone’s enjoyments can Kill others life)

So my request to all the boys and girls is

Never love anyone more than your life , because there is a high chance of getting cheated or breakup than marriage

So Fall in love only if you are ready to accept this and move forward

Don’t loose your valuable lives for other people’s enjoyments,Love your parents and they will find a lovely girl for you

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One thing which I really like about their platform is that they are available in 11 international languages. This provides a low-entry barrier for many people around the world.

it’s an addictive game.Here are some reasons,why PUBG is an addictive game:

1] First,The game PUBG is an online one so mostly every people doesn’t likes to exit in between the play time.
2] When this game is introduced in android,All were excited and curious to play in their 5 inch screen.
3] It’s an real time gaming at the maximum of Hundred players at a time.
4] In the view of advertising it,It’s official advertisements are less but nowadays more youngsters who are in pubg are posting their victories by taking a screenshot or saving,..It creates craze among them.
5] PUBG provides enough of graphic and the graphic can be adjusted according to your device.The avatars can be depicted as we wish and the logical weapons lits the game.
6] The game contains many mode to raise the level of player and they give often updates of the game.
7] Till now there are four maps which is of various terrains and weather,I’m sure that it will upgrade more.
8] While the game is about to end there a indicator which indicates the players alive, enthusiasts us to alert and keeps interested to play again a game.
9] At the last when we won there comes the caption “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”Its awesome feel to receive it then automatically our fingers go to the match again, again..

More cases of gaming addiction especially of children are being reported at the Safe and Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT) clinic,
NIMHANS. “Everybody will have some sort of addiction; it is based on what you choose. Video games are a way to easily get a rush at the cost of one’s health, time etc.,
which becomes disruptive addiction,” says Dr Lokesh Babu, director, Sneha Manovikasa Kendra. He further adds that this kind of addiction spikes in people who are prone to impulsivity and
attention deficit disorder; kids from neglected homes, with authoritative or strict parents, and who don’t have a regular conversation with parents.
The fantasy and victory in the gaming world might boost self-esteem and provide content, but it is disruptive when they think more about the fantasy world and lose touch with reality.
The adrenaline rush and the release of dopamine (a happy hormone) when one wins a game may urge them to indulge in it again and again.
It should be considered a recreational activity; for thirty or sixty minutes. “It helps when gaming is set as a prize or a goal after studying or working for a few hours,” he suggests.

KGF Kannada movie story:
Movie starts with political leader issuing death warrant on Rocky ( Main character of the movie).
Popular journalist writes a book on KGF which gets banned by government.
The published copies of the book were burnt without leaving a clue to the public.
One book reaches news channel head who requests his staff to contact the author of the book and conduct an interview on KGF as he believes the journalist to be most trustful
person who had never written fake article till date. The journalist was then interviewed who tells the story of the KGF.
Kolar gold fields was a place in Karnataka, In 1960’s farmers working there accidentally identify golden pieces there.
Upon knowing this Suryavardhan along with the government team comes to investigate this and find this to be true.
Suryavardhan then kills all of the government officers present there and takes the entire land for lease for 99 years.
On the same day, Rocky ( Main character ) takes birth.

World of KGF

That was period when gold rates were going high due to war between two western countries. Suryavardhan had two main regions in KGF, Narachi& Region from which people where taken to narachi.
Narachi was a gold mining area where people are made to work in shifts (12hr each). Suryavardhan had 3 protections for this place.

Big wall boundary with glass pieces
Gigantic door ( Door opens only when the next batch arrives)
400 guards with guns
Since there were about 20,000 in slavery and only 400 guards, suryavardhan had divided guards into regions ( above wall, near tombs, maintenance room etc) and had made strict rules.
Some of the rules are as follows

Girl children were killed as soon as they are born
Blind people and people without strength to work were tortured and killed
People who cross the line of threat were mercilessly killed
Children were found teasing others that don’t try to escape, nothing is possible here. There was a person who tells story to children about a person who’ll kill all guards and rescue them in the future.

Suryavardhan had 5 partners who worked with him to illegally transport & distribute gold to other regions.
Suryavardhan falls ill and gives the power to his son Garuda and asks brother adheera to stay with Garuda without trying to rule.
When Suryavardhan falls ill, eyes of all 5 partners falls on acquiring KGF,
one among the partner was Rajendra Desai who designs a plan to get KGF.

Rocky was born to a poor lady who preaches Rocky that being rich & strong are necessary in this cruel world and dies after making him promise that no matter how he lives, he’ll die as a rich person with pride.
Rocky meets a mad beggar who tells that power is the only thing that can make people rich and popular instantly. Rocky goes to Mumbai at Early age of 10 and try to fill his stomach by polishing shoes.

One of the other children says about the Don in Mumbai and how people respect them.
A situation arises when member from don was expected to hit a policeman who playfully asks who among the children can do this,
Rocky takes up the task and beats up the policeman and introduces himself as Rocky & hence become popular in the city.
Rocky grows up as one of the dons of Mumbai taking all gold exports business to his hands.
He is then recognized by Rajendra Desai who asks him to do a task in Bangalore succeeding which he’ll give entire Mumbai Underworld region to him.
Rocky takes up the tasks and leaves to Bangalore.

Rocky falls in love with daughter of Rajendra Desai. When Rocky was roaming in the city,
he comes to know that gold is coming from another source to Bangalore that wasn’t passing through his Mumbai port and then understands the level of business happening through KGF.
Rajendra Desai team explains Rocky of plan to kill Garuda on his way to parliament office where he’s expected to come.
Rocky makes proper plan and Rajendra Desai supports by giving team and providing gun in the avenue which is surrounded with guards.
Rocky comes to know of Garuda’s power in the assembly and takes back his decision to shoot him and decides to conquer entire KGF by himself.

Rocky is then given instructions & half blueprint to enter KGF, give large sign & kill Garuda.
Rocky makes plan to enter region where people are picked to work in Narachi. Eventually gets picked up to KGF where he gets to know of the situation of people in KGF.

Rocky in KGF
Rocky had main aim of finding the only hidden subway that directly leads to Garuda’s place from Narachi. Rocky gets emotionally disturbed by the situation of people & violence in KGF,
it reminds him of the difficulties faced by his mother to brought him up.
Rocky on his way to maintenance room where the full blueprint of KGF is preserved deviates guards and knocks down a guard and gets the exact tomb
under which is the subway to the Garuda’s place. This was observed by one of the people say “kumara” who requests him to save him from the Narachi too.
Garuda’s guards gets alerted due to the activity & Garuda enters Narachi to provoke the person to come out and make an attempt to kill him.
Entire 40th batch was called and asked who made attempt to entire maintenance room. They would be told that all of them will be killed if the person do not come up.

A daughter was recently born to kumara who had fear of that upon knowing this,
daughter will be killed acts himself as the person and comes forward to kill Garuda and gets killed thereby saving his wife and his daughter and with hope that they’ll be saved by Rocky.

A blind person gets detected by one of the guards and hence gets taken into the underground room by 13 person who plays a game with him,
throws 13 plates ( with name of guards mentioned) to his way and asks him to walk, whichever plate he steps his legs on will be the one to shoot him.
Rocky gets triggered again and goes to the underground room and removes the power Fuse and kills all 13 guards one by one and drags one of the guards
and burns him alive along with 12 other guards to give the “ready” signal to the Rajendra Desai.

Upon understanding the signal, Rajendra Desai sends one of his crew member who is close to Garuda and part of his team to Narachi to help Rocky.
This person also conveys the same to Garuda’s brother who’s also part of Rajendra Desai team. Guards comes to know of the 13 missing guards from underground room and hurries to tell Garuda about the same.
Garuda’s brother kills his father suryavardhan and announces this to the entire place so as to deviate guards from the missing 13 guards. After this Garuda along with his guards arrives to the place.
Rocky in absence of guards enters hidden subway which leads to Garuda’s place. Garuda was given warning by the astrologer,
Garuda decides to prepone the Annual festival where Garuda takes blessings from his god by killing 3 Sheeps.
Few of Garuda’s members had betrayed during the year, Garuda decides to give them Sacrifice to the god instead of sheeps. These people are taken to the secret room.
Rocky enters the same room through the hidden subway and remains to be there with the help of Rajendra desai’s people in KGF.
All 3 people gets carried to river where Garuda kills them. After killing two, Rocky opens himself out of rack with the sword and…

The director also gives glimpse of the next part by revealing two scenes of 2nd chapter of KGF. The narrator ( journalist) returns back to the story saying he mistakenly went forward.

What next?
Is adheera still alive?
What’s the story of politician & other KGF partner who lives in Dubai. Will KGF go to Rajendra Desai? Will Rocky marry reena?
Will Rocky die as richest person? Who kills him?

KGF chapter 2- 2020
Image sources- KGF trailer ( Hombale films)