Buy second hand smartphone | The thing we should be kept in mind while buying a second hand smartphone.

Buying a used smartphone can save you some money, but it obviously involves a few risks.Like making sure it’s in good condition (and that it isn’t stolen). Here are some tips I’ve learned after buying many used phones.
Smartphone makers release new models every year. Since people always have the itch to upgrade, you can get a fantastic deal on a used smartphone as long as you’re willing to forego the cutting edge. The “latest and greatest” is not always all it’s cracked up to be anyway.
Still, buying a used smartphone means you have to do your due diligince. For one, warranty is usually out of the question, or it will at least be significantly reduced. Second, you need to ensure everything is working correctly. And finally, based on these, you have to get the right price.
Research for the Right Price

The point of buying a used smartphone is to get a good price, so you need to put in a little research first. To get the best deal, you need to see how many people are selling that smartphone right now and at what price. To do that, search for the handset on eBay, Craigslist and Swappa. You will come across enough listings, but there are a few things to note:
1 Make sure it’s unlocked. Craigslist and eBay have plenty of people selling locked smartphones, which cost a little less than what you would look for.
2 On eBay, check only the Buy It Now prices, not the current bids. Bids can tell you how much people might be willing to pay, but I have found it a better way to go by what sellers look for.
3 Don’t note the median price, note the prices of what you are looking for. Used smartphones come in various levels of condition, so you need to actually click those links and read the description to know whether the condition meets what you are looking for. Once you find such items, note their prices as that’s what your reference is, not items which are in better or worse condition.
4 Check the price of what a new phone costs with similar specifications. If you’re buying a one-year-old smartphone for a price where you can get a similar new phone, the deal isn’t worth it because you lose out on warranty.
5 Make sure all the accessories are intact. If they aren’t, find out what it would cost you to buy each accessory and use that as a bargaining chip to reduce the price.

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