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Keyboard shortcuts:

  • CTRL And Press C: All Copy
  • CTRL And Press X: All Cut
  • CTRL And Press V: All Paste
  • CTRL And Press Z: All Undo
  • CTRL And Press Y: All Redo
  • CTRL And Press B: All Bold
  • CTRL And Press U: All Underline
  • CTRL And Press I: All Italicize.

Keyboard shortcuts for all internet browsers:

  • CTRL And Press N: Open A New window
  • CTRL And Press T: Add A New tab
  • CTRL And Press Shift T: Reopen Your last closed tab
  • CTRL And Press Shift W: Close all Recently open tabs, your browser
  • CTRL And Press W: Close Your All current tab
  • CTRL And Press Plus: Page Zoom in
  • CTRL And Press Minus: Page Zoom out
  • CTRL And Press 0: Your Page Resets zoom to default
  • CTRL And Press F: Find on page Any Word

You know, through some apps we can see live TV free on the mobile or computer or online website. Again there are some apps that take money. So many of us know, but many people do not know that there are free apps without money, which can be seen live live or TV. I got an app in front of you today bioscope live tv to watch live tv live Do not download the video below and download the apps.

What is SSL Certificates:
Suppose a website is under SSL certificates; However, all the information posted on that website or all the information of the subscriber or the subscriber goes directly to the server by encrypting it to the server meaning that the data here is 100% secure. Here the encrypted means that the data is transformed into a secret format and nobody understands it without the main server Or can not steal. Here no third party can take any information here between websites and servers.

In case of internet banking:
In this case it is very important to have an SSL certificate or to have an encrypted server directly; Because many times a lot of information goes to hackers, then they can easily get billions of money easily.

For e-commerce sites:
E-commerce sites have become very popular in Bangladesh as in other countries. The people of Bangladesh are now shopping at home through these sites. Here people are sending money directly through the internet via their debit or credit card. There is a risk to it that if someone else gets the card information?

Therefore, it is very important to have an encrypted server directly in this field. Thus, SSL certificates are important for security of all important websites.

Suppose no website has an SSL certificate; That is, before the link is http: //; Hackers can easily hack or steal information about the website’s visitors. Such as on facebook.com; The link is written before https: //; It means that the information of the user here is 100% safe.

So try to visit only those websites from today; Where is the SSL certificate. I hope you know a bit about the SSL certificate.

STEP 1 – Open Facebook Messenger

STEP 2 – Open Chat (With Someone or Yourself) By Mistake i Chat With Business Page (Please Do it With Any Person)

STEP 3 – Find The Moon Emoji

STEP 4 – Send it Once And Suddenly Moons Will Shower And Facebook Messengers Dark Mode is Unlocked As i Already Did So I Did’t Got The Option of Change to Dark Mode in Settings.


STEP 5 – Click on The Image in Chat or You Can Go To Messenger Settings And Do The Next Step to Unlock it

STEP 6 – Now Click on Emoji (The Default is Thumbs up.

STEP 7 – Now Choose This Moon Emoji From Here as Default As in Image Below .

STEP 8 – Now You Can See Our Default Emoji is Changed From Thumbs up To Moon. Click The Moon From Here.

STEP 9 – When You Followed Step 8 This Section Will Appear And BOOM Your Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode is UNLOCKED!

Buying a used smartphone can save you some money, but it obviously involves a few risks.Like making sure it’s in good condition (and that it isn’t stolen). Here are some tips I’ve learned after buying many used phones.
Smartphone makers release new models every year. Since people always have the itch to upgrade, you can get a fantastic deal on a used smartphone as long as you’re willing to forego the cutting edge. The “latest and greatest” is not always all it’s cracked up to be anyway.
Still, buying a used smartphone means you have to do your due diligince. For one, warranty is usually out of the question, or it will at least be significantly reduced. Second, you need to ensure everything is working correctly. And finally, based on these, you have to get the right price.
Research for the Right Price

The point of buying a used smartphone is to get a good price, so you need to put in a little research first. To get the best deal, you need to see how many people are selling that smartphone right now and at what price. To do that, search for the handset on eBay, Craigslist and Swappa. You will come across enough listings, but there are a few things to note:
1 Make sure it’s unlocked. Craigslist and eBay have plenty of people selling locked smartphones, which cost a little less than what you would look for.
2 On eBay, check only the Buy It Now prices, not the current bids. Bids can tell you how much people might be willing to pay, but I have found it a better way to go by what sellers look for.
3 Don’t note the median price, note the prices of what you are looking for. Used smartphones come in various levels of condition, so you need to actually click those links and read the description to know whether the condition meets what you are looking for. Once you find such items, note their prices as that’s what your reference is, not items which are in better or worse condition.
4 Check the price of what a new phone costs with similar specifications. If you’re buying a one-year-old smartphone for a price where you can get a similar new phone, the deal isn’t worth it because you lose out on warranty.
5 Make sure all the accessories are intact. If they aren’t, find out what it would cost you to buy each accessory and use that as a bargaining chip to reduce the price.

Atheism game in Bangladesh Shefat Ullah has been joined by today’s atheist team, who are known as Sefat Ullah. Today, on his profile, he tear the Qur’an into the live. Through which he has introduced himself as an atheist. Even before that he came to live and tortured our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm). But this a matter of sorrow that our countries people didnt take it seriously the make it as a sarcasm.

Safa Kabir, one of the leading models of Bangladesh, has been removed from Facebook’s by spammers of Bangladesh. Some days ago, a video was published on the subject of unbelief, so that ordinary Facebook users get angry. Finally, today’s Facebook spammers removed it from Facebook. According to many, it has been worthwhile but there are some fans of Saifa Kabir who Can not afford it.But it has been known that Safa kabir is the company’s model and advertizer so those companies will recover her account.He apologized to everyone on his VERIFIED facebook page, But there is also lot of criticism about it. There was nothing to be done yet.

Here’s some website we frequently use.


1. Font Squirrel.


2. We love free fonts.


3. Dafont.


4. Urban Fonts.


5. Weekly Fonts.


Those sites offer free fonts for commercial and personal use.although not all font’s in there are free, you can check each licensed before downloading.

1. You can only create the ID using a device like iPhone, iPad or a Mac. And each device can only create maximum 5 free ID without credit card. So if you fail to create one, chances are that device has been used to create free IDs 5 times.

2. Log out from any ID.

3. Open iTunes and look for any free apps

4. Download the app and it will ask you for ID

5. Choose create new ID and just follow the step. You should be able to create one without entering credit card information.

6. If it still asks for credit card, perhaps the device you use has created 5 free IDs before, therefore you need to try using another one. But a new device should be ok since it’s never been used before